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Perhaps this differs Money4Cloud from other enthusiasts in the field of mining. The platform, which is aimed at the result due to three main advantages: own data centers, unique equipment and exclusive software developed by our company, which will help to earn as much as possible. Promising investment, developed by Money4Cloud experts, allows even novice investors to make a profit in the shortest possible time.

The company's servers located in Iceland, China and Georgia provide a wide geography to the project. These countries were not chosen by chance – the location of the equipment here is extremely profitable for investors, the project enjoys the benefits of favorable economic conditions and cheap electricity. A distinctive feature of Money4Cloud is the production of equipment for earnings in the same countries where the servers are located.

The head office is located in the UK. Investors get great benefits due to low tax rates and excellent conditions for doing business: a developed banking system in the UK, the presence of large stock exchanges and so on. The model is adaptive and unfolds in such a way that Money4Cloud specialists foresee the enormous potential of the company's own crypto-mining activities and, what is very important, develop proprietary offers for other companies engaged in cryptocurrency mining. In addition to high-tech, modern, and most importantly its own equipment, Money4Cloud provides its investors with unique solutions for mining. Investors get a unique opportunity of passive earnings-the system works automatically; earnings do not require any effort.

Despite the fact that many companies that are engaged in crypto-mining offer a huge number of options for choosing currencies, Money4Cloud experts are absolutely sure that the most promising in the near future will be Dogecoin and Litecoin, in addition, the participants of the program have a unique opportunity to earn dollars by exchanging crypto-currency. All equipment is aimed at the extraction of these digital assets. Depending on the chosen conditions, the investor can receive from 3% to 7% profit – such amount of income is not able to provide any traditional financial instrument. Level 4 affiliate program provides the following profit option: 6%-3%-2%-1%. The fixed term of the contract is 1 year, which gives the investor an additional guarantee.



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